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Responsibility for safety of dangerous chemicals warehouse keeper

1. The warehouse keeper of hazardous chemicals should be familiar with the nature of the hazardous chemicals stored and used by the unit, and keep the business knowledge and relevant fire safety regulations;

2. The warehouse keeper of hazardous chemicals shall strictly implement the laws, regulations and policies concerning the management of hazardous chemicals in the state, province and city, and strictly enforce the storage and management system of hazardous chemicals in this unit;

3. Strictly carry out the procedures for the entry and exit of hazardous chemicals, and the amount of hazardous chemicals in custody must be accurate, and the accounts are consistent, and monthly statement is clear. Complete the procedures of the warehouse entry before the 28th day of each month, complete the monthly raw materials and finished products; Check the inventory regularly and make sure that we can report the purchase plan in advance according to the production plan and guarantee the production.

4. Regularly manage, inspect and replace fire fighting equipment in the warehouse according to the requirements of fire control;

5. Regular ventilation should be carried out regularly to warehouse, and should not be kept away from the warehouse. To prevent moisture, fire, anti-corrosion, anti-theft;

6. Supervise and inspect the employees who need to enter the warehouse for work, and strictly prevent the loss of raw materials and products;

7. To store and display hazardous chemicals according to laws and regulations and industry standards. Set aside fire escapes;

8. Correct use of labor protection supplies, and instruct employees entering the warehouse to wear labor protection articles correctly;

9. Regular cleaning of the sanitation in and around the warehouse;

10. Finish other work assigned by factory leader on time.


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