Minqin dongshun chemical co., LTD., founded in 2015, is located in baialkali lake industrial park, donghu town, minqin county, wuwei city, gansu province. The company covers an area of 79 mu, with a fixed asset investment of 53.6 million yuan. It is adjacent to the reserves of more than 10 million tons of salt and salt mines, and enjoys unique resource advantages.

The company has a newly built 30000t/at sulfide production line and 150000t/at powder production equipment. Select high-quality alcali sulphide production of sodium sulphate as raw materials, play the advantages of the long turn calcining process, realize the alcali sulphide concentrate line "optimum" production system goal, auxiliary process piping all use stainless steel material, to ensure that the excellent product quality, it can produce many specifications and different quality standard alcali sulphide nearly 10 kinds of products, is a collection of "production, supply, sales and research" as one of the new type of modern enterprise.

          The company is based on the development strategy of "based on the advantages of resources, giving full play to the scale benefit, relying on the development of surrounding enterprises and promoting the local economic growth". In line with "the development of local economy, returns home" business ideas, seize opportunities, spanning development, set up advanced consciousness, continuously introduce advanced technology, efforts to expand the market, make the enterprise to the green, energy-saving, healthy and scientific development model.

          We sincerely hope to work with the people with lofty ideals to seek common development and achieve win-win results.


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Address:White alkali lake, donghu town, minqin county, wuwei city, gansu province

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